Shocking Admission Claims There Is In Fact A Second Sun


A shocking admission by a highly respected astronomer claims there is in fact a second Sun that “NASA usually hides”.

While discussing the transits of Mercury across the Sun on his website, Slooh, astronomer Paul Cox points to the screen and states to th camera “You may be asking yourself, what is that large round thing to the right of the sun? Well, that’s our second Sun. I don’t know if you knew we had a second Sun, but, er, there it is.”

Peers in the community as well as the general public were stunned as he went on to say “It’s normally hidden from view, NASA and other organisations, they usually hide that stuff away from us, they don’t tell us the truth, but there it is.”

Blogger Jacob Israel, who has been looking into the existence of Nibiru, also known as Planet X himself and although at first claims he could not realistically believe what he had heard, after replaying the video numerous times, went on record saying “A very, very, very prominent astronomer from Slooh, basically came out… while Mercury was doing its transit across the sun… and Paul Cox says clearly that we have two Suns and mentions Nibiru and says NASA covers things up. Coming from somebody who is credible in the field and professional when you say stuff like that, it is meant to be taken seriously, it’s not a joke.”

Source: Mirror.Co.UK


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