@Snowden Joins Twitter.

Edward Snowden joined Twitter today. (Twitter)

Sporting the visage of a man with a lot on his mind, Edward Snowden joins social media. (Twitter)

@Snowden Joins Twitter.

Prompted by a suggestion from a recent interview with celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Edward Snowden has hit the popular social media outlet with record impact. His ‘confirmed’ account, @Snowden, gained over 300,000 followers in just under two hours (sitting at just over 813,000 followers as of the time of this article). Some reports emerged today with people surprisingly followed by the NSA outlaw, only to see that he publicly only follows one account: @NSAGov.

His bold move was followed by this tweet:

Other tweets to follow entailed nods to Tyson and props to NASA over the recent Mars Water announcement.

The celebrity defector also addressed dissension among his former compatriots, in a reply to Tyson.

Is Twitter running interference for Ed? What will this move mean? Did you get a ‘secret follow’ from the former alleged CIA employee? Do you have an untold Edward Snowden story? Do you think his role in the intelligence game was overblown? Do you think he’s ‘just a geek’? Should we be concerned with his position in international relations, as he continues to seek official asylum?

Only one thing we do know: his countenance on social media is a surprise to us all.

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