Southern Japan Shrine Depicts Alien Abduction


Does a statue at an ancient shrine in southern Japan depict an alien abduction? 

Some Modern UFOlogists think it does.

The statue represents an 8th century folktale. Urashima: Taro the Fisherman. In the tale, Taro saves the life of an injured tortoise who soon comes back as a beautiful princess. She takes him to her undersea palace where he is able to live and breathe underwater. But the homesick Taro convinces the young beauty to help him return. She takes him back and gives him a small wooden box as a parting gift – a gift he is never to open.

Upon his return Taro finds to his horror that everything has changed. Though he spent only three days in the undersea palace, three hundred years have passed. Saddened, he opens the box. Immediately, the young Taro transforms into an old man, aging in an instant. Modern UFOlogists believe the story hints at alien abduction. Could the missing time, Could the the undersea palace represent an underwater UFO base?. And what of the tortoise, in some versions of the story, the tortoise has no shell. Well, one doesn’t’ have to think too hard to remember the lovable alien creature in Spielberg’s E.T.  which looks remarkably like a tortoise without a shell. Did Spielberg consult this folktale or is it just coincidence? Who knows? But it is a fact that when he screened the film to President Ronald Reagan at the White House, the president remarked afterward that only a handful of people in the world know how true the story is.

An innocent folktale or an early record of alien abduction? Maybe we’ll never know. But if you happen to find yourself in Ine, Japan. Stop in at the local shrine. And don’t’ forget to leave some Reese’s Pieces as an offering. You just never know.

Rob Reilly

Rob Reilly

Star of Stage, Screen and Radioactivity! Rob Reilly (aka Rye Dano) works as an actor, writer, director, student, teacher, anthropologist and Gentleman-Scoundrel based in Tokyo, Japan - All of which he loves doing with as little effort as possible. Movie host at The Cinemated Man ( and currently a contributor for Dark Matter News on the one and only Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert.

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