Stealth Bomber in Denver Sky


KUSA in Denver received many reports of a stealth Bomber flighing in the Denver Skies just prior to the MLS All Star Game.  The aircraft appeared right after the national anthem.

KUSA – We got lots of calls and emails from people who saw a different-looking aircraft in the sky Wednesday night.

Many of the viewers were in the north metro area – which makes sense, because a stealth bomber flew over Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City ahead of the MLS All-Star game — and that’s the aircraft they saw (which means it wasn’t so stealth …)

It made an appearance right after the national anthem at around 7:15 p.m.

More Pictures from KUSA

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3 Responses

  1. Donald Gibbs says:

    I live in Missouri 15 miles east of whiteman airforce base home of the Stealth Bomber this is nothing new I take pictures of it all the time flies over my town daily in Sedalia Missouri.

  2. Donald Gibbs says:

    Day flights they are very loud but I see flying at night a lot not a sound just wing lights.

  3. The Dizz Abides says:

    The B2 has been known to the public since 1988. They fly routinely during the day and often times for the opening of major sports events. People who call in reports of an odd-looking aircraft when they see a B2 in the daytime are an embarrassment.

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