Stickney Mansion, a Place for the Dead



George Stickney 1809-1897

In 1863, a two story house was built by George and Sylvia Stickney in McHenry County, Illinois. Both were highly involved in Spiritualism and had built the corner-less house to perform their seances. George Stickney believed that spirits need the freedom to roam around and not get caught in the corners.

The rooms were created to have no 90 degree corners, which were thought to attract evil spirits, but one room created, happened to contain one 90 degree corner.

The room accidentally ended up with a 90-degree measurement. How this could have happened is unknown. Perhaps the architect either forgot or was unable to complete the room with anything but a right angle. Perhaps he thought that the Stickney’s would never notice this one flaw. But they did notice! And here, the legend takes an even stranger turn.

The stories say that it was in this corner that George Stickney was discovered one day. He was slumped to the floor, dead from an apparent heart failure, although no visible signs suggested a cause of death. Was he right about the square corners? Could an angry ghost, summoned by a seance, have been trapped in the corner?

It is thought by some, that the Stickney’s became interested in Spiritualism since seven of their ten children had died. According to legends, George Stickney was found dead in the room with the 90 degree corner due to proposed heart failure. His wife continued her work as a medium and met with seekers from all over the world, utilizing the upstairs converted ballroom as the main room for contacting the deceased.

Rodrick Smith, a former owner of the house often reported similar occurrences and after his research, he claims that the house was used for black magic rituals.

In 1985 it became the headquarters of the Village of Bull Valley police department and the authorities often report strange noises coming from the former ballroom area where the seances were held.


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Jeremy C

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