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Alaska radar dome with the aurora borealis overhead 1

Project Pinball: Alaska’s Quest For UFOs

Project Pinball: Alaska’s Quest For UFOs Before it became a state, Alaska was home to a military project with the priority to track UFOs over Alaskan air-space. After WWII, the US military firmly planted itself in Alaska’s frozen tundra. During the 1940s, while the Lend-Lease Act was in place (1941-1945), the military presented itself as a strong force in the then-territory of Alaska and even had friendly relations with Russia in order to keep the Japanese government at bay. By 1950, the Cold War had begun and Alaska had become equipped with a plethora of radar and military sites. A high-level...


Mount Denali Just Shrunk 10 Feet

Mount Denali Just Shrunk 10 Feet Alaska’s Denali National Park, and the former Mt. McKinley, has been under intense scrutiny as of late and a new study is showing that the nation’s highest peak doesn’t have a pair of feet, or ten to be exact, to stand on. The numbers are in, and neither is it the result of tectonic plates shifting nor sabotage, but rather advances in technology have allowed us to better measure the elevation at the surface of the Earth, resulting in a more accurate summit height of Alaska’s natural treasure from 20,320 to 20,310.  Denali National Park was...