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Are these faces on Mars? 2

Did NASA Just Reveal New Faces on Mars?

At 15:45:01 UTC on August 17th (Mars Sol 1077), NASA’s Curiosity Rover captured super-high-resolution images of the surface of Mars, appearing to contain what might look like numerous faces. These photographs were then stitched together and uploaded to Gigapan, giving users a closer look at the rover’s panorama. This screenshot was released by a user last week, sighting what has been described on social media as a “massive alien grave site.” According to NASA, “Curiosity sends back raw images for current and prior Sols based on commands sent by the mission team. The rover uses orbiters to relay back a lot of its data,...


NASA Determined to Find Alien Life

NASA is determined to probe our neighboring celestial bodies in the hopes to find alien microbial life within 20-30 years, said NASA scientist Ellen Stofan back in April of this year at the “Solar System and Beyond” panel conference in Washington. For the scientists, the most interesting places to look for life are other worlds which fall within the Galactic Habitable Zones around stars similar to our own. The researchers at NASA are primarily looking for rocky planets that may contain water. Scientists estimate that the search for life is about one generation away from making that discovery and NASA...