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PRIMER-V2 sits atop his custom bicycle. 0

Robot Can Now Ride Bicycles ‘Like Humans’

World’s First? Tiny Robot Can Now Ride Bicycles Like Humans In a groundbreaking development in robotics, Masahiko Yamaguchi (who goes under the moniker ‘Dr. Guero’) first demonstrated his bicycle-riding bot, PRIMER-V2 at the iRex International Robot Exhibition in 2011. Just recently, a new viral video was released showcasing the robot’s complex balance and steering, but wait until you see his predecessor! Watch: Another ‘World’s First’? Although PRIMER-V2 in this video still appears to be controlled via a remote, Yamaguchi has already integrated A.I. features into later bi-pedal walking generations of the PRIMER series. According to his most recent updates, PRIMER appears to now dance...

Researchers at NASA Langley have created a type of autonomously self-healing material that will repair itself rapidly from bullet holes. 0

NASA Self-Healing Material Can Repair Bullet Holes

Space and military technology just got creepy this week, with an announcement that NASA Langley’s Advanced Materials and Processing Branch has now created a type of self-healing material that can autonomously repair itself. When tri-layered materials are punctured, a type of ‘ thiol–ene–trialkylborane’ resin polymer is released upon atmospheric oxygen exposure. The ballistics tests carried out by Langley reveal that while similar methods of self-healing materials have been implemented in the past, this new material reacts and responds much more rapidly to surface breach trauma. This specific type of resin was selected due to its reaction to compounds reliably present in human-occupied environments....