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‘Killer Bees’ Head North

‘Killer Bees’ Head North Scientists from the University of California San Diego recently collected hundreds of bees throughout the western state in order to determine how far north Africanized bees have begun to spread. Known to science as hybrids as they possess genes from both European and African honeybees, the insects commonly referred to as “killer bees” have been found as far north as California’s delta region (about 25 miles south of Sacramento). Researchers in southern California have discovered that about 65% of the honeybees buzzing around San Diego County have a mix of European and African genes. While Africanized bees have taken up residence...


Bumblebees Self-Medicate In The Wild?

Bumblebees Self-Medicate In The Wild? The rain.  Pestilence of crops.  Fly-swatters.  Bees have many natural enemies.  Along with the alarming numbers of mass die offs and their contribution to the food economy the world over bees also have small, sometimes microscopic foes.  New evidence suggests that bumblebees use a variety of wild plants from Turtlehead, also known as balmony, and Nicotine. Known as zoopharmacognosy (literally “animal-drug-knowing”), the most common examples involve parrots eating clay to absorb toxins in the gut or dogs eating grass to make themselves sick.  Earlier this year after observing a reduction in intestinal parasites among certain bumblebees who sought...