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Billboard along I-80 near Elko, Nevada warns of dangers of geoengineering (GeoEngineeringWatch.org/Coast to Coast AM) 0

Billboards Warn of Dangers of Geoengineering

Billboards  Warn of Dangers of Geoengineering “Stop Spraying Us.” “You’re Being Sprayed Like a Bug.” “Skies Poisoned by Your Government.” Across the United States, billboards are springing up warning of the dangers of something happening in the sky…of something happening to the sky. And to us. GeoEngineering Watch is an advocacy and research organization founded by Dane Wigington, a former Bechtel Power Corporation employee and a researcher of geoengineering. The organization’s focus is on documenting the presence of geoengineering operations and its dangers. The goal is to educate the public to stop climate engineering before our health and environment are irreversibly damaged....


Baseball-size Hail Hits Italy

Another freak thunderstorm in Europe has dropped massive and destructive hailstones the size of baseballs, causing widespread damage and injuring several people and animals. Instagram/barber8813 We reported last week that 2 separate storms, one in Mexico and the other in Spain, had caused widespread damage due to hail, but this new one comes out of Italy.  The storm, which struck September 5, was caused by a southward plunge of the jet stream into western Europe creating a potent upper disturbance throughout the Italian peninsula.  The instability, which created a perfect storm scenario over the Mediterranean sea, eventually slipped into Italy toward...

A map depicting rising ocean temperatures (NOAA - June 2015) 1

Rapid Climate Change Could Seriously Impact Ocean Biodiversity

Fate of Biological Life Unknown As Oceans Warm According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, rapid changes in the Earth’s climate due to warming of oceans over the next 50 years could have a serious effect on migration and re-distribution of marine animal populations. What does this mean for the ocean’s ecosystems? At first, they estimate that we will experience a population boom in a large variety of these animals. The problem occurs, however, when these animals migrate and invade other delicately balanced ecosystems. Climate Change – Bracing For the Inevitable Though the true effects are unknown at this...