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Shocking Admission Claims There Is In Fact A Second Sun

A shocking admission by a highly respected astronomer claims there is in fact a second Sun that “NASA usually hides”. While discussing the transits of Mercury across the Sun on his website, Slooh, astronomer Paul Cox points to the screen and states to th camera “You may be asking yourself, what is that large round thing to the right of the sun? Well, that’s our second Sun. I don’t know if you knew we had a second Sun, but, er, there it is.” Peers in the community as well as the general public were stunned as he went on to say “It’s normally...

The Pendleton Raccoon may share many traits with this common raccoon. 0

Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It

  Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It In the early hours of September 15th, a Naval officer stationed at Camp Pendleton stepped out of a bar and into the Oceanside, California darkness. The man, whose name does not appear in any report, entered his car, where he sat briefly in the driver’s seat. The vehicle, which was equipped with a breathalyzer interlock system, did not start. This would suggest the man was too intoxicated to legally drive. The unnamed sailor left his vehicle on foot towards a nearby park, where he came upon a creature, described as a raccoon. According to the official report (scanned...



Reports have been coming in this year of mysterious lights over Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, Canada indicating a possible UFO crash into Lake Winnipeg. Military forces on snowmobiles pulling a large disc out of the lake. The Canadian Military is said to have had vehicles lined up on north shore. They were threatening anybody who attempted to take pictures. Something was seen going down by eight fishermen. Canadian Forces said it was just a military training exercise. Really? Apparently a disc shaped craft was seen crashing through the ice on the lake, at least one person obtained photographic evidence, but...