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The Pendleton Raccoon may share many traits with this common raccoon. 0

Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It

  Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It In the early hours of September 15th, a Naval officer stationed at Camp Pendleton stepped out of a bar and into the Oceanside, California darkness. The man, whose name does not appear in any report, entered his car, where he sat briefly in the driver’s seat. The vehicle, which was equipped with a breathalyzer interlock system, did not start. This would suggest the man was too intoxicated to legally drive. The unnamed sailor left his vehicle on foot towards a nearby park, where he came upon a creature, described as a raccoon. According to the official report (scanned...

A humanoid with 'eye-shine' darts up and down behind a bush as a member of the Bigfoot community is pummeled with rocks. (Youtube) 2

Angry ‘Humanoid’ Throws Rocks At Bigfoot Hunter

Angry ‘Humanoid’ Throws Rocks At Bigfoot Hunter A member of the Bigfoot community has released a video depicting what appears to be a humanoid in the wilderness playing ‘peek a boo’ at night. You can see an outline of the creature with two glowing eyes (‘eye-shine’) dart up and down between the amateur film maker and a bush when suddenly, a rock is thrown. Watch: The video is an enhancement of the original footage captured by Youtube user “Robert Dodson.” What is going on here? Is could this be a simple hoax? Could it be the elusive Bigfoot or could...

A large footprint was purportedly found in the wet clay outside of a campsite in Russia. 1

Large Footprint Found Near Campsite

(Russia) Could Footprint Belong to ‘Bigfoot’? Campers near the Kemerovo Region of Russia woke up to an astonishing sight. Denis Alexandrov and his friends were enjoying the hiking trails inside of Shorsky National Park when they noticed something unusual in the wet clay. Curious, his father Andrei decided to venture over and investigate,”We went to the place where the kids saw the footprint, and the only thing I can say was ‘I now know it exists’. “The creature must have been very tall.” According to the Siberian Times, the print measured approximately 18 inches in length. Could it be a...