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A bioluminescent Hawkbill Sea Turtle. 2

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle!

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle! It is the first of it’s kind: A bioluminescent hawksbill sea turtle from the Solomon Islands has been found by a group of scientists filming sharks and coral reefs. David Gruber, a marine biologist from City University of New York and National Geographic Explorer, with his team were not out to study sea turtles while on a trip to the Solomon Islands; instead, they were studying sharks and coral reefs. While filming with an underwater camera, the crew captured something remarkable: a hawksbill sea turtle with bioluminescent features (actually deemed biofluorescent), with the glow of the turtle flashing green and...

Patterson-Gimlin Film 0

Bigfoot Hunters Discover ‘Lost Creature’

Bigfoot Hunters Discover ‘Lost Creature’ (California) Enthusiasts on the prowl for the elusive Bigfoot caught a rare glimpse at another creature, thought by conservationists to have been ‘lost forever’ to extinction. The Bluff Creek Project, a group of Bigfoot hunters, laid out camera traps around Bluff Creek, site of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, in an attempt to capture a clearer image of a Sasquatch once and for all. Instead, what they found was another seemingly-elusive creature: the Humboldt Marten. Still, this find comes as no surprise to the curious naturalists. “Truth be told we have been catching glimpses of them for years. Our...

An alleged 'pterosaur' is captured on film over Ohio. 1

Alleged ‘Pterosaur’ Captured on Film

‘Pterosaur’ Allegedly Spotted in America (Boise, Idaho) Footage has surfaced on Youtube citing what an Idaho resident claims could be the return of an extinct dinosaur species. The object in the video dubbed a ‘Pterosaur’, depicts a brownish winged creature appearing to fly low above the trees, perhaps ‘stalking its next victim for lunch’. Watch Numerous critics on Youtube have dismissed this one as  a hoax, as the winged prehistoric creature might have had feathers, among other inconsistencies indicating that this is either a drone or a trick of special fx. Still, some cryptid enthusiasts have cited other accounts of an alleged ‘pterosaur’ presence in the United...