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Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids

Black-Eyed Children Encounters

The children approach quietly, yet forcefully. They insist on coming inside your house to use the telephone or to get a drink of water. For some reason these children frighten you, and as your hand reaches up to open the door you see why. Their eyes are black. No iris, no whites, just an empty, soulless void. Tales of Black-Eyed Children began appearing on online forums in the late 1990s. I published my first article on Black-Eyed Kids in 2008 and since then I have seen reports of these entities go from rare to common. Explanations as to what they...

Paranormal ghost hunting team to probe spirit in local business

Paranormal ghost hunting team to probe spirit in local business

FRAN MAYE – The Kennett PaperA professional ghost hunting team will be checking this building — the Polished Salon in Kennett Square — out in January for a paranormal spirit that is reported to be there. KENNETT SQUARE >> The minute Wanda McCracken walked into Polished Salon off Union Street, she sensed something wasn’t quite right. She walked a bit more toward the center of the store and then it happened. A spirit entered her body. McCracken began to giggle hysterically, and then spoke in a little girl’s voice. Just as quickly as the spirit took over McCracken’s body, it...