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Brugmansia flower, from which the drugs extracts form the powerful drug scopalamine. 1

Two Arrested for Blowing ‘Zombie Drug’ Into Faces of Victims

Victims Robbed By Women Blowing ‘Zombie Drug’ Into Faces Two women were arrested in Paris, charged in connection to a string of robberies, alleging that they had used a powdered form of the powerful alkaloid drug scopalamine, also known as “Devil’s Breath” to seek out unsuspecting locals on the street. Sources report that the drug was blown into the victims faces, who would subsequently inhale it and become unaware of their surroundings. According to reports, police said that two women from China had asked victims to take them back to their homes. One victim lost an estimated €100,000 (nearly $113,000) worth of cash and valuables. Uses While some reports say...