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The Birthmark Of Earth Has Been Found In Canada

  Geologists believe they have found the original “birthmark” of Earth…and it’s in Canada. University of Maryland Professor of Geology Richard Walker and his team have discovered a original material from the birth of Earth that was produced 50 million years ago and then never again. Researchers theorize that the mantle under Baffin Island off the coast of northern Canada did not experience the same tungsten-removing iron separation that the rest of the mantle experienced during the collisions that destroyed or homogenized the rest of early Earth. The previous belief was that any material from the planet’s original mantle was...

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New Blood-Transmitted Human Virus Found

A New Blood-Transmitted Human Virus Has Been Discovered A team of scientists from Columbia University have identified a new human virus transmitted through the bloodstream, called hepegivirus 1 (or HHpgV-1). Long after the discovery of HIV and hepatitis C during the 70’s and 80’s, when thousands of people around the world were allegedly infected with the viruses after receiving blood transfusions, the team of scientists have been on the hunt for other transfusion-transmissible agents which we might want to know about. Using highly sensitive sequencing techniques to look for changes in the viromes – the viral equivalent of the microbiome within people given blood transfusions, within a total of...

An artist's forensic depiction of 'homo naledi', man's newest ancestor. (Mark Theissen/National Geographic) 1

New Potential Species in Human Lineage Discovered

New Potential Species in Human Lineage Discovered A group of scientists have unearthed a potential candidate for ‘new species of human’—one that could shake the very foundation of our understanding of our evolution and even our identity among mammalians. The newest (or is it oldest?) potential members of our humanoid family tree are being termed “Homo naledi.” The team, comprised mostly of intrepid, cave-navigating women, discovered and classified the fossils under the guidance of Lee Berger, a professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The University was located relatively close to where the remains were located in the Rising Star Cave...