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Alien Abduction in Japanese Folk Tale?

Does a statue at an ancient shrine in southern Japan depict an alien abduction?┬áSome Modern UFOlogists think it does. The statue depicts the very old and popular legend of Urashima: Taro the Fisherman. In the 8th century folktale Taro saves the life of a injured tortoise and is rewarded with a journey to an undersea kingdom. There he sees many things of wonder, including a huge and luxurious subterranean palace. If that wasn’t enough, the tortoise he saved has now transformed herself into a beautiful princess. She brings Taro to her father, the Emperor, who thanks him for saving his...

University of Buckingham shows proof of microbial alien life outside of our planet for first time. 1


Scientists May Have Just Photographed Alien Life For the Very First Time! (Buckingham, UK) An exploratory project in Derbyshire involving powerful magnets launched into the stratosphere has just allegedly revealed scientific proof-positive that alien life exists outside of Earth. This not only resonates with the panspermia theory, that life on Earth came from other parts of the galaxy, but also suggests that alien life could be raining down on Earth from particles accumulated in our atmosphere all of the time. “As far as we can tell the particle has no relation to anything found on Earth,” Professor Milton Wainwright of...