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Sticks and Stones? Or Drones?

Are drones leading us to war? Albert Einstein once said that he didn’t know how World War III would be fought, though he did know about World War IV – with sticks and stones. He was warning us that our escalation of nuclear weapons would lead to a war where very little – and very few – were left standing. Today, what would Einstein think of the recent escalation of combat drones? Defense planners argue that drones save lives, sparing those who would’ve had to fight the enemy face to face, or gun-sight to gun-sight. Now, with drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial...

An artist's depiction of two supermassive black holes converging. (P. Marenfeld/NOAO/AURA/NSF) 1

Colliding Black Holes Spell Doom for Far-Off Galaxy

Colliding Black Holes Spell Doom for Far-Off Galaxy Here in the Milky Way Galaxy, we spend a great deal of time and energy debating which apocalyptic event will supposedly ‘do us in for good’; however, there are other galaxies with their own doomsday brewing. For example: 3.5 billion light-years away, two supermassive black holes are orbiting so closely to each other it could spell doom for their entire home galaxy, which is located within the Virgo constellation. A Rhythmic Flicker Matthew Graham, a computational astronomer at Caltech, has been tracking “a rhythmic flickering from the galaxy’s nucleus, a quasar known as PG 1302-102,”  The...


Proof Of Quantum Vibrations

A new experiment successfully observing the effects of quantum motion, or tiny vibrations caused on an atomic level when an object otherwise appears to be stationary, has rocked physicists the world over. Courtesy of NASA Unlike traditional physics that states an object in motion will eventually come to a rest when the forces of gravity and friction act upon it, the study, published in the journal Science, has found that on the quantum level at the scale of atoms, nothing is ever truly at rest.  Through extensive testing researchers were able to observe the effect not just at an atomic level, but at a larger...