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A Newly Found Exoplanet May See Its End Before It Gets Starts

  A new study suggests one of the youngest alien worlds ever detected may not be long for this universe. Jupiter-like exoplanet candidate PTFO8-8695b, which lies about 1,100 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Orion, was first identified as a planet candidate in 2012 by the Palomar Transient Factory’s Orion survey, but now study lead author Christopher Johns-Krull, of Rice University in Houston, said “We don’t know the ultimate fate of this planet.” The “hot Jupiter” orbits extremely close to its host star, completing one lap every 11 hours, and was detected by the “transit method,” which notes the tiny brightness dips...


NASA Determined to Find Alien Life

NASA is determined to probe our neighboring celestial bodies in the hopes to find alien microbial life within 20-30 years, said NASA scientist Ellen Stofan back in April of this year at the “Solar System and Beyond” panel conference in Washington. For the scientists, the most interesting places to look for life are other worlds which fall within the Galactic Habitable Zones around stars similar to our own. The researchers at NASA are primarily looking for rocky planets that may contain water. Scientists estimate that the search for life is about one generation away from making that discovery and NASA...