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Man Falls 18,000 Feet From Burning Plane – Survives

On the evening of March 24th, 1944, 21 year old Alkemade was one of seven crew members in Avro Lancaster B Mk. II, DS664 of No. 115 Squadron RAF.  RAF gunner Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade was sitting in the tail-end of a Lancaster bomber when a German fighter plane opened fire. They were returning from a 300 bomber raid on Berlin, east of Schmallenberg when DS664 was attacked by a German Ju 88 night fighter.  It caught fire and began to spiral out of control. His parachute had gone up in flames! Preferring to die by impact rather than burn to...

A money vortex, (Before It's News) 2

Financial Collapse Coming Sun. 9/13/15?

Is Another Financial Collapse Coming? A Phd. economist is aligning his views with biblical prophecy known as a Shemitah, which is going to occur this Sunday, September 13, 2015 and it predicts that an economic downturn or crisis is inevitable.  It has been occurring in recent history every 7 years, according to the religious minister and author Jonathan Cahn. In an interview with Perpetual Assets, Phd Economist Jim Willie says:  “The odds of the Shemitah cycle being random is 61.8 Billion to one, according to my math.  I believe the the crisis in 2015 is going to be worse than the Lehman Brothers...