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New Fossils of 360 Million Year-Old Fishes Discovered

  New Fossils of 360 Million Year-Old Fishes Discovered New fossil specimens of the Coelacanth fish known as “Serenichthys kowiensis” has been found in South Africa on the Eastern Cape, near Grahamstown. The fossils came from black shale which was revealed after local road construction disturbed the area at the site known as Waterloo Farm. These ancient underwater dwellers are some of the oldest in the world and can inhabit the waters at depths of around 2,300 feet (although most dwell at depths of around 300-600 feet). It’s thought by scientists and evolutionary biologists that these fish first appeared on the geological time...

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Study: ‘Aquarium watching’ may be good for your health

Community marine fish and coral reef at a public aquarium Aquarium Watching for Potential Health Benefits According to a collaborative study released by the University of Exeter and Plymouth University‘s Cognitive Institute with cooperation from the National Marine Aquarium, researchers have found that aquarium watching comes with a whole host of health benefits, such as improved heart health through lowering heart rate and blood pressure as well as positive mood regulation in participants observing rich underwater landscapes. While the mechanism of action remains unclear for these benefits, participants showed signs of health improvements as larger numbers of fish were gradually introduced into the controlled aquascape....