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Ground In Los Angeles Moving Sideways!

A bizarre event took place in Los Angeles, CA Saturday (11/21/15), as the ground began moving sideways in slow-motion, and rising 15-feet in a mere 4-hours. The roads in some areas were destroyed, which took down utility poles and wrecked infrastructure. The two mile stretch of Vasquez Canyon Road was closed until further notice. “It is important to note that, according to the US Geological Survey, no earthquakes have taken place during this time, to account for this type of land deformation. About 3 hours later [began 12:08pm], at 3:36 PM, the road had become clearly deformed from ground movement; yet there is...


DOOM at Lake Erie; Rare wind-driven Seiche has developed; may wipe out sections of Buffalo, NY

A natural disaster of epic proportions has been in-progress at Lake Erie today.  During the first three hours and at the time of this writing there was no sign of it stopping.  A rare wind-driven “Seiche” is taking place.  The wind is so fierce and sustained, it is blowing the entire body of lake water from west-to-east causing the natural sea level at the west end of Lake Erie to DROP 6 feet and the natural sea level at the east end to rise more than 7 feet! A seiche occurs when strong winds push the surface water. With a...


Massive Hailstorm in Mexico, 4 Dead

Signs of the end times?  Apocalyptic tendrils reaching out across an unseasonably dry summer?  A massive hailstorm struck Mexico Aug. 30, leaving 4 dead. and dozens injured. In the municipalities of Coacalco, Ecatepec, and Tlalnepantla in the state of Mexico, with substantial damage taking place in Cerro Del Caracol, in Lomas De Coacalco a unusually fierce hailstorm crashed through the streets where it reportedly swept cars down streets, tore down billboards, and toppled street signs.  According to Mexico governor Eruviel Avila, among the casualties were 2 homeless and 1 young baby. 2 Inches of rain fell in a 90 minute period,...