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Will UK Approve Genetic Modification of Human Embryos?

Will UK Approve Genetic Modification of Human Embryos? Genetic modification. Designer babies. Stem cell research. These are all hot-button topics throughout the world, and the debate is about to get hotter, thanks to a team of British scientists from London’s Francis Crick Institute. Dr. Kathy Niakan, stem cell scientist at the Institute, has filed a request with the U.K. Human Fertilizaton and Embryology Authority (HFEA) seeking approval to genetically modify human embryos that have been donated after IVF treatments rendered a surplus, reports The Guardian. Strictly for Research Dr. Niakan and her team said their main goal is to research...

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Single Molecular Event Linked to Mammalian Brain Development

How did humans develop larger brains than our ancestors?  Researchers at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular research in Toronto have just discovered that mammalian brain development may be linked to a single molecular event that started an evolutionary chain-reaction, leading all the way up to humans. A genetic mutation in protein PTBP1, responsible for neurogenesis (the development of neurons), is said to be the likely precursor to an event set-off by something called ‘alternate splicing’ which occurs when neural proteins are assembled by our DNA. According to these findings, the greater the amount of ‘alternate splicing’ events which occur, the further the development of brain region size...