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Dried up Walker Lake, (CBS 13 Sacramento) 4

California Lake Vanishes Overnight

Northern California Reservoir Vanishes Overnight The $3.5 million project to save Folsom Lake sits on the horizon while a Northern California reservoir runs dry overnight, killing thousands of fish and leaving residents baffled. Formally known as Mountain Meadows reservoir, or Walker Lake, the reservoir was a popular fishing hole just west of Susanville. The rights to the site are currently owned by Pacific Gas & Electric Company who use the reservoir for hydroelectric power. PG&E claims to be just as surprised as everyone else. “It’s the situation we worked hard to avoid but the reality is we’re in a very serious drought, there’s also concerns for the...

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‘Killer Bees’ Head North

‘Killer Bees’ Head North Scientists from the University of California San Diego recently collected hundreds of bees throughout the western state in order to determine how far north Africanized bees have begun to spread. Known to science as hybrids as they possess genes from both European and African honeybees, the insects commonly referred to as “killer bees” have been found as far north as California’s delta region (about 25 miles south of Sacramento). Researchers in southern California have discovered that about 65% of the honeybees buzzing around San Diego County have a mix of European and African genes. While Africanized bees have taken up residence...

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Rapid Climate Change Could Seriously Impact Ocean Biodiversity

Fate of Biological Life Unknown As Oceans Warm According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, rapid changes in the Earth’s climate due to warming of oceans over the next 50 years could have a serious effect on migration and re-distribution of marine animal populations. What does this mean for the ocean’s ecosystems? At first, they estimate that we will experience a population boom in a large variety of these animals. The problem occurs, however, when these animals migrate and invade other delicately balanced ecosystems. Climate Change – Bracing For the Inevitable Though the true effects are unknown at this...