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An example of Mars colonization, (Discovery.com) 2

Mars Colonization: NASA’s New Take

A New Take On Colonizing Mars And Other Planets A new NASA-sponsored competition hopes to unlock the secrets of space colonization through user-submitted design proposals. Called the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, NASA hopes that the competition will help to, “develop the fundamental technologies necessary to manufacture an off-world habitat using mission recycled materials and/or local indigenous materials.” NASA continues, “The vision is that autonomous habitat manufacturing machines will someday be deployed to the Moon or Mars to construct shelters for human habitation;” a lot of fancy speech for a simple idea: using 3D-Printers to build structures using materials which already exist on the...

Songbirds are subject to numerous environmental issues as a result of road noise, according to one study. 0

Noise Pollution from Highways Could Be Destroying Habitats

Noise Pollution Could Be An Environmental Health Risk to Songbirds A study released from Stanford University has found that nearby roadways could be destroying natural wildlife habitats. The study suggests that wild animal population densities are growing smaller and smaller near actual highways. The study attempted to recreate these conditions by implementing a ‘phantom road’ in a nearby ‘roadless’ natural habitat by filling it with acoustic recordings of noise traffic from other highway sources. The study was carried out over the course of Autumn bird migration. The birds that remained in the area to forage were affected physically, with decreased body conditions...