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A spiritualist plans to give dolphin-assisted birth in Hawaii. 3

Woman Plans Dolphin-Assisted Birth in Shark Infested Waters

Woman Plans To Give Dolphin-Assisted Birth in Shark Infested Waters, Hopes Child Will “Speak Dolphin” (Hawaii) A woman is planning to give dolphin-assisted birth, despite recent local shark warnings. According to sources, she hopes that giving birth in this fashion will allow her child to eventually, “speak dolphin.” The birthing process has been guided by The Sirius Institute, providing ‘dolphin midwives’ which allowed her to swim with dolphins several times during her pregnancy. The Institute claims, “Hawaii is ideally suited for these therapy and birth projects.” Dorina Rosin and her partner Maika Suneagle are appearing in the UK Channel 4 documentary Extraordinary Births for...

Competitive 'speed eaters' devour bowls of pasta. (Reuters/Daniel Munoz) 1

Obesity Linked Metabolically to Eating Speed

Ever told as a kid to slow down and chew your food? There may be a good reason. Japanese researchers have found a strong correlation between the speed at which someone consumes food and metabolism, concluding that faster eaters may contribute to the obesity epidemic. In short, faster eating could lower your metabolism and come with more than a few steep health risks. The study took place over the course of three years. Participants included 8,941 residents of Soka City, aged 40 through 75, both with and without diagnoses of metabolic syndrome. Eating speed was measured in form of questionnaire. Is it eating speed...