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A humanoid with 'eye-shine' darts up and down behind a bush as a member of the Bigfoot community is pummeled with rocks. (Youtube) 2

Angry ‘Humanoid’ Throws Rocks At Bigfoot Hunter

Angry ‘Humanoid’ Throws Rocks At Bigfoot Hunter A member of the Bigfoot community has released a video depicting what appears to be a humanoid in the wilderness playing ‘peek a boo’ at night. You can see an outline of the creature with two glowing eyes (‘eye-shine’) dart up and down between the amateur film maker and a bush when suddenly, a rock is thrown. Watch: The video is an enhancement of the original footage captured by Youtube user “Robert Dodson.” What is going on here? Is could this be a simple hoax? Could it be the elusive Bigfoot or could...


‘Bear Attack’ Bogus?

(Campbell County, Tennessee) Anyone that loves a great popcorn flick will recognize these classic lines from the 1975 blockbuster film, ‘Jaws’… Mayor Vaughn: [to reporter] ” I’m pleased and happy to repeat the news that we have, in fact, caught and killed a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers. But, as you see, it’s a beautiful day…   …. and people are having a wonderful time.” The residents of Campbell County, Tennessee have also been given an all clear to adventure back into the woods, but is it really safe to do so? Officials at the Tennessee Wildlife Resource...

Face of the mysterious Shigir Idol 0

Scientists Confirm: Mysterious Humanoid ‘Shigir Idol’, “Oldest in World”

At a press conference on August 27th, scientists confirmed that the famous Shigir Idol, just recently radiocarbon-dated at approximately 11,000 years old, will become one of the oldest wooden sculptures of its kind, placing it at over twice the ages of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Extracted by archaeologists in 1894, the mysterious humanoid Shigir Idol was found in bits and pieces scattered throughout a peat bog on the eastern-slope of the Middle Ural mountains in western Russia. The idle’s reconstruction, standing 9.2 feet tall in a glass box filled with inert gas to preserve the wooden remnants, is thought to have originally towered at 17.4...


The Most Awesome Robots

Will robots take over the world one day? Check out the next generation of NAO Robots, Honda Asimo Plus, Paul the drawing robot Boston Dynamics robots: Wild Cat robot, Petman robot and Nasa’s curiosity mars rover robot – Bionic Kangaroo