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An artist's rendition of how a Pict may have looked. (The Sunday Times) 0

Archaeologists Uncover Decapitated Remains at Elite School

  Archaeologists Uncover Decapitated Remains at Elite School Archaeologists recently uncovered the decapitated heads of children, buried since the Bronze Age in a remote cave on the grounds of the prestigious Gordonstoun School in Scotland. As the Daily Mail reports, the remains date back to the period between 1100 B.C. and 900 B.C. Taken in the context of modern sensibilities, this discovery may seem grisly and hint at unsavory customs within ancient Scottish culture, but history especially should never be taken at face value. A History of Discovery First, it’s important to understand that ancient remains within Scottish caves are...

University of Buckingham shows proof of microbial alien life outside of our planet for first time. 1


Scientists May Have Just Photographed Alien Life For the Very First Time! (Buckingham, UK) An exploratory project in Derbyshire involving powerful magnets launched into the stratosphere has just allegedly revealed scientific proof-positive that alien life exists outside of Earth. This not only resonates with the panspermia theory, that life on Earth came from other parts of the galaxy, but also suggests that alien life could be raining down on Earth from particles accumulated in our atmosphere all of the time. “As far as we can tell the particle has no relation to anything found on Earth,” Professor Milton Wainwright of...