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Fallen Tree Containing Skeleton, (CTV News) 0

Skeleton Found in Roots of Old Tree

Skeleton Was Found In The Roots Of A 200 Year Old Tree Earlier this year a storm passed through the sleepy little town of Collooney in County Sligo, Ireland.  With it came rain and a particularly powerful gust of wind that knocked over an old beech tree.  Passersby spotted what looked like a spine protruding from the mud encrusted roots and upon further inspection were surprised to find a whole human skeleton had been inexplicably buried beneath the 200-year-old goliath. Archaeologists working for Sligo-Leitrim Archaeological Services (on behalf of the National Monuments Service) have identified what they believe to be an early medieval-age...


Proof of ghosts? Phantom Bishop – In Britain Haunted Cathedral

A British mother got the fright of her life recently when she saw the ghost of a medieval bishop, lurking in a picture taken at one of Britain’s most haunted cathedrals. She took the creepy photo while visiting Norwich Cathedral with her family. She said “There was nothing up there when I snapped the photo”. When she reviewed the pictures on her cell phone later. What she saw frightened her to the bone. She saw a creepy figure captured on an upper level of the haunted 11th-century cathedral. The apparition appears to wear long robes and a tall hat like...