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Astrophysicist Use New Measurements To Calculate The Mass Of The Milky Way

According to astrophysicist Gwendolyn Eadie, whose research is currently being peer-reviewed for publication, has determined that the Milky Way has the same mass as 700 billion Suns.  “And our galaxy isn’t even the biggest galaxy.” Eadie, a PhD student from McMaster University in Canada, explained “Understanding our galaxy’s mass puts it into a better cosmological context. People who study the evolution of galaxies look at how the mass relates to its evolution. If we have a better handle on what the mass of the Milky Way is, we can understand how it and other galaxies form and evolve.” Together with...

Milky Way Galaxy as viewed over ALMA. 1

Black Hole at Center of Our Galaxy Could Be Visible By 2017

During a Reddit AmA last week, scientists and researchers working on the Event Horizon Telescope Project (EHT) revealed that Earthlings could finally get a glimpse at the elusive black hole at the center of our own mysterious Milky Way Galaxy as early as 2017. A group of approximately 75 researchers and 9 confirmed radio telescope arrays are being employed around the world for this event. They aim to confirm or deny major theories about Black Holes, including one recently revised by Dr. Stephen Hawking, who now thinks that it may be possible to actually pass particles and wave-forms through the black hole...