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Giant Siberian craters mystery – News isn’t good

Researchers have long contended that the epicenter of global warming is also farthest from the reach of humanity. It’s in the barren landscapes of the frozen North, where red-cheeked children wear fur, the sun barely rises in the winter and temperatures can plunge dozens of degrees below zero. Such a place is the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, translated as “the ends of the Earth,” a desolate spit of land where a group called the Nenets live. By now, you’ve heard of the crater on the Yamal Peninsula. It’s the one that suddenly appeared, yawning nearly 100 feet in diameter, and...

A mysterious object is observed over a Best Buy in Concorde. (Youtube) 0

UFO? Mysterious Triangular Lights Observed Over New Hampshire

UFO? Mysterious Lights Observed over Best Buy in Concord, New Hampshire (New Hampshire) Youtube User “Michael Thomas” brings us a video containing what appears to be mysterious lights in a triangular formation in the parking lot of a Best Buy and a Target in Concord, New Hampshire. Watch: Eyewitness Report “This video was taken at 7:07pm, on September 25th, 2015,” reads the Youtube video’s description. Here is a partial transcript of the discussion that took place in the video that evening: “Okay I don’t get this. I’m going to move my camera…away from the lightpost—and yet, it’s still there!” “What is...

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Scientists Confirm: Mysterious Humanoid ‘Shigir Idol’, “Oldest in World”

At a press conference on August 27th, scientists confirmed that the famous Shigir Idol, just recently radiocarbon-dated at approximately 11,000 years old, will become one of the oldest wooden sculptures of its kind, placing it at over twice the ages of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Extracted by archaeologists in 1894, the mysterious humanoid Shigir Idol was found in bits and pieces scattered throughout a peat bog on the eastern-slope of the Middle Ural mountains in western Russia. The idle’s reconstruction, standing 9.2 feet tall in a glass box filled with inert gas to preserve the wooden remnants, is thought to have originally towered at 17.4...