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Can You Communicate with Ghosts?

Do we all possess the ability to communicate with the spirit world? Many mediums think so and teach others how to develop their own inner intuitive skills. There was once a belief that only people who have psychic or extra sensory abilities from childhood can communicate with the spirit world but this is no longer true. In fact, some mediums didn’t realize their spiritual skills until adulthood. “In my mind it is something that comes easier to some than others,” said medium and author Exie Susanne Smith. Her abilities came naturally from childhood which were at first somewhat frightening. “I was...

Alleged psychic Gina Miller is being charged with theft, following a string of reports that she threatened harm upon clients and their families if demands of large sums of cash and other luxury items were not met. (Fox 8) 0

‘Fear Psychic’ Charged With Theft of Cash, Luxury Items

‘Fear Psychic’ Charged With Thieving Cash, Cars, Jewelry (Mentor, Ohio) A woman is now in custody after being charged for theft of money and luxury items from her clients. 40 year old Gina Miller was discovered with over $20,000 in cash, in addition to leased cars, fine jewelry, credit and gift cards with excessive available spending limits. The psychic allegedly blackmailed customers into giving her these assets by ” convincing several clients that harm would come their way,” according to WJW Channel 8 News in Cleveland. They also speculate that Miller threatened harm upon some of the victims’ families. Miller’s bail has been set at $140,000. Police are...

A screen capture of the now infamous ad depicting Miss Cleo advertising the General Mills brand, Cinnamon Toast Crunch 0

Psychics Sue over Cereal Ad

Did She See It Coming? The cereal company General Mills is allegedly being sued by Psychic Readers Network, Inc. for use of the Miss Cleo persona in one of their recent commercials advertising a re-boot of their brand French Toast Crunch. Oddly enough, it was Youree Dell Harris (Miss Cleo) herself who reprised her own role for the ad. According to sources, the federal suit claims that the Miss Cleo character was copyrighted under Miss Cleo Creatives in 2002 and is still owned by Psychic Readers Network. Miss Cleo‘s attorney through an alleged conversation with the Sun Sentinel claims, “I have never seen anything from [Psychic...