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Quantum Teleportation Distance Records Quadrupled

Quantum Teleportation Distance Records Quadrupled Scientists with the National Institute of Standards and Technology have just released details of a new distance record set in the quantum teleportation of photons. The record of 15.5 miles set last year was just shattered by the Institute with a record-breaking distance of 63 miles—over four times that of previous attempts. Not Your Star Trek Teleporters Before science fiction fans get excited, the methods of quantum teleportation are quite a bit different from the fictional Star Trek Transporters, ‘beaming’ objects from point A to point B. Quantum teleportation in this sense works by sending...

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Black Hole at Center of Our Galaxy Could Be Visible By 2017

During a Reddit AmA last week, scientists and researchers working on the Event Horizon Telescope Project (EHT) revealed that Earthlings could finally get a glimpse at the elusive black hole at the center of our own mysterious Milky Way Galaxy as early as 2017. A group of approximately 75 researchers and 9 confirmed radio telescope arrays are being employed around the world for this event. They aim to confirm or deny major theories about Black Holes, including one recently revised by Dr. Stephen Hawking, who now thinks that it may be possible to actually pass particles and wave-forms through the black hole...