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Vegas Water Conservation Ads Too Sexy

The southwest has certainly been hit hard this year with its lack of precipitation, except in rare apocalyptic cases, but a new ad campaign in the City of Sin has caused quite a stir. Making water conservation sexy, the Southern Nevada Water Authority this week unveiled a new campaign on television, radio, print and social media.  The theme: “There’s Nothing Sexier Than Saving Water.” That’s right: There’s Nothing Sexier Than Saving Water. The ads were developed by R&R Partners, the firm behind Vegas’ most famous tagline: “What Happens Here, Stays Here.” and they depict people adjusting watering clocks as members of the opposite...


NJ Daycare Fight Club

Yes.  It’s just as ludicrous as it sounds.  Two women have been charged with organizing and filming physical altercations among children ages 4 to 6. Fight Club Originally reported by CBS2. For those too old or too young to have seen the classic David Fincher film, or read the equally fantastic novel, a fight club is a group of people that usually meets in abandoned warehouses or gas station basements for the sole purpose of beating each other to a pulp.  The last place you’d expect to find such a thing would be a schoolyard playground.  Money is often involved, but...