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PRIMER-V2 sits atop his custom bicycle. 0

Robot Can Now Ride Bicycles ‘Like Humans’

World’s First? Tiny Robot Can Now Ride Bicycles Like Humans In a groundbreaking development in robotics, Masahiko Yamaguchi (who goes under the moniker ‘Dr. Guero’) first demonstrated his bicycle-riding bot, PRIMER-V2 at the iRex International Robot Exhibition in 2011. Just recently, a new viral video was released showcasing the robot’s complex balance and steering, but wait until you see his predecessor! Watch: Another ‘World’s First’? Although PRIMER-V2 in this video still appears to be controlled via a remote, Yamaguchi has already integrated A.I. features into later bi-pedal walking generations of the PRIMER series. According to his most recent updates, PRIMER appears to now dance...

Killer robot targets invasive species underwater 0

Killer Robot Being Deployed to Combat Invasive Species

(Australia) A team of engineers has reportedly created an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) for deployment to the Great Barrier Reef that will issue a lethal injection to an invasive species of starfish thought to be attributing to the destruction of coral life. The underwater robot will administer a dose of bile salts which are toxic to the ‘Crown of Thorns’ starfish. These creatures are listed in the top 100 most invasive species, being found accountable for the loss of some 40% of native aquatic life in the region. The robot will cruise between 2-3 feet from the bottom of these...