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Nazi Fools’ Gold?

The quiet rolling hills surrounding a Polish medieval castle have been invaded by treasure-seeking tourists determined to find a gold-laden Nazi train that may, or not, even exist. Said to be hidden within a labyrinth of tunnels dug by Nazi slaves during World War Two, the mysterious Gold Train train has even been rumored to contain the pieces of the famous missing Russian Amber Room among its priceless cargo. Since the story of the discovery first broke in mid-August, hundreds of treasure-hunters from distant parts of Europe and the world have flooded the peaceful, Polish countryside in hopes of claiming...


Girl’s Eyelashes Removed Due To Lice

Fall is in the air, and Halloween is right around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to Imagine waking up with a tingling sensation, a burning sensation on your eyelids.  No amount of scrubbing can ease the discomfort.  Then imagine having your eyelashes removed one by one like a disturbing game of “She loves me, she loves me not”. Sounds freaky, and it’s not to be confused with Trichotillomania (try-k-uh-till-uh-mania) or hair pulling disorder, but it’s a true story, purports FoxNews.com, that happened to a young Chinese girl named Dandan after doctors discovered 20 lice had burrowed and set up shop...