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SSTL's low-cost Carbonite-1 imaging satellite before completion. This first iteration of the Carbonite took 6 months to build. 1

Spy Satellite Tech Now Cheaper Than Ever

Spy Satellite Tech Now Cheaper Than Ever This July, a scheduled rocket launch served as the cover for the secret deployment of the Carbonite-1, a new low-cost imaging satellite. Using off-the-shelf cameras and telescopes, the Carbonite-1 is designed to orbit the Earth at a distance of 500km, capturing stunning images of the planet at 1-meter ground resolution. The satellite’s manufacturer, SSTL, envisions a web of cheap Carbonite satellites orbiting the globe but does this bold vision of the future spell an end to our terrestrial privacy rights? Traditional satellites cost tens of millions, sometimes up to $1 billion to build and launch. SSTL...


Elon Musk to Launch 4,000 Satellites for Rural Internet?

Elon Musk Plans to Launch 4,000 Satellites for Rural Internet Access By 2020, Billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur Elon Musk plans to launch around 4,000 satellites to bring internet access to the most remote areas on Earth, according to an FCC filing, Monday. Musk’s flotilla will launch through his company SpaceX into slow-moving low orbits of approximately 650 kilometers to improve issues of latency which other Satellite internet providers face. His eventual goal is to improve connections between Earth and sistering Mars colonization projects, but he’s facing some opposition. 21st Century Space Race? Fellow billionaire entreprenur-philanthropist Richard Branson of the Virgin and...


NASA Determined to Find Alien Life

NASA is determined to probe our neighboring celestial bodies in the hopes to find alien microbial life within 20-30 years, said NASA scientist Ellen Stofan back in April of this year at the “Solar System and Beyond” panel conference in Washington. For the scientists, the most interesting places to look for life are other worlds which fall within the Galactic Habitable Zones around stars similar to our own. The researchers at NASA are primarily looking for rocky planets that may contain water. Scientists estimate that the search for life is about one generation away from making that discovery and NASA...