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Rescuers climbing through debris in Utah, (Getty Images) 0

Floods Ravage Utah And Southwest

Floods Ravage Utah And Southwest A devastating storm ripped through the southwest causing flash floods from Los Angeles to Utah. Particularly hard hit was the Utah-Arizona border town of Hildale, the home base of Warren Jeffs’ polygamous sect the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or FLDS.  Reports confirm that 13 were killed in the flash flooding that, according to eye witness Chris Wyler, only seemed to last, “like a half hour, [or] 45 minutes.”  According to Utah officials in the city of Hildale and the Washington County Emergency Services, among the dead are at least 3 women and 6 children, ranging in...


Baseball-size Hail Hits Italy

Another freak thunderstorm in Europe has dropped massive and destructive hailstones the size of baseballs, causing widespread damage and injuring several people and animals. Instagram/barber8813 We reported last week that 2 separate storms, one in Mexico and the other in Spain, had caused widespread damage due to hail, but this new one comes out of Italy.  The storm, which struck September 5, was caused by a southward plunge of the jet stream into western Europe creating a potent upper disturbance throughout the Italian peninsula.  The instability, which created a perfect storm scenario over the Mediterranean sea, eventually slipped into Italy toward...