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Chaos Unfolds in Spain Floods

Another, yes another, powerful storm has now caused severe flooding in several Spanish towns, washing trucks and cars down along their tight streets. Still reeling from the hailstorm last week, which we earlier reported on, the small town of Adra, in the Almeria province of Andalusia in southern Spain is picking up the pieces after a massive flood ripped through its streets.  With over half a meter of water fallen in some places, at least 30 people trapped in their vehicles needed rescuing. But this wasn’t the only Spanish town to see devastation.  More than 300 emergency calls were made across Malaga,...


Powerful Hail Now Hits Spain

We earlier reported on the unusual and terrifying hail event that took place in Mexico on the 30 of Aug and now reports have come in about another devastating hailstorm, this time in Aragon in NE Spain. The event took place on Aug. 31 during an outburst of powerful storms.  Hail the size of golf balls fell from the sky destroying everything from trees to windows to lawn furniture.  There is some incredible video footage online showing what appears to be a backyard and a pool.  The hail comes on light at first, splashing spouts of pool water into the air...