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Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood drove a white Armored Personal Carrier tank to UK Prime Minister David Cameron's home in protest of hydraulic fracking. (Independent) 0

UK Protester Drives Tank to Cameron’s House Over Fracking

UK Fashion Designer Drives Tank to Cameron’s House In Protest Over Fracking (United Kingdom) 74-year-old Fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood purportedly drove a military-style convoy including a white armored personnel carrier, to the home of UK Prime Minister David Cameron in Oxfordshire on Friday, to protest against hydraulic fracking for the purposes of extracting fossil fuels. She claims that the process is, “forcing toxic, life threatening fracking chemicals on his own people, against the advice of his own Chief Scientist,” calling for a “regime change in Britain.“ Fracking licenses spanning over 1,000 square miles have been recently issued for exploring mineral rights in...