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Sticks and Stones? Or Drones?

Are drones leading us to war? Albert Einstein once said that he didn’t know how World War III would be fought, though he did know about World War IV – with sticks and stones. He was warning us that our escalation of nuclear weapons would lead to a war where very little – and very few – were left standing. Today, what would Einstein think of the recent escalation of combat drones? Defense planners argue that drones save lives, sparing those who would’ve had to fight the enemy face to face, or gun-sight to gun-sight. Now, with drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial...

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Drone Regulations Ahead: NASA and UK Developing ‘Traffic System’

Drone Regulations Ahead: NASA and UK Developing UAV ‘Traffic System’ Soon, hobby and commercial drone operators may face new rules and hardware requirements.  NASA, in cooperation with the British government are working together to develop a traffic system for all low-flying drones below an altitude of 500 feet. The system will also offer a database for commercial drone pilots (like the future Amazon delivery system) to register their drones and track them for forthcoming flight regulations. Classifications Currently, airspace is classified internationally by subsets under the spectrum of ‘A through G’, with Class A aircraft being set-aside for commercial flight and Class G...

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Multiple ‘Glowing Orb’ UFO’s Caught on Camera

Stunning Lights Witnessed Over Massachusetts Captured on a clear night are what appears to be five glowing objects in horizontal formation emerging from a larger lighted ball over western Massachusetts. The behavior and rapid movement of the orbs do not appear to be indicative of normal drone or skydiver type behavior. Watch: User kmoorz on Youtube also replies, “Hey everyone! I am in Halifax Nova Scotia and on June 17 2015 I also witnessed these lights over Halifax Harbour!” Not An Isolated Incident Similarly, several others caught the incident on camera, as well as other incidents visible even during daytime...