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New Blood-Transmitted Human Virus Found

A New Blood-Transmitted Human Virus Has Been Discovered A team of scientists from Columbia University have identified a new human virus transmitted through the bloodstream, called hepegivirus 1 (or HHpgV-1). Long after the discovery of HIV and hepatitis C during the 70’s and 80’s, when thousands of people around the world were allegedly infected with the viruses after receiving blood transfusions, the team of scientists have been on the hunt for other transfusion-transmissible agents which we might want to know about. Using highly sensitive sequencing techniques to look for changes in the viromes – the viral equivalent of the microbiome within people given blood transfusions, within a total of...

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‘Giant’ Virus To Be Reanimated By Scientists

‘Giant’ Virus To Be Reanimated By Scientists French researchers have announced that they will be reanimating a 30,000-year-old prehistoric virus found in the frozen wilderness of the Siberian tundra.  According to their published paper, “Our finding suggests that prehistory ‘live’ viruses are not a rare occurrence.” Mollivirus sibericum, translated to “soft virus from Siberia”, is the 4th ‘giant virus’ discovered this century while the same team of scientists recently discovered another one of these, Pithovirus sibericum, last year; both viruses being isolated from the same sample of permafrost. They are being called ‘giant viruses’ because they’re visible by light microscopy, with lengths greater than...