Does Talking To Yourself Make You A Genius?

A strong brain means a healthy brain, (Bellingham Distance Project)

A strong brain means a healthy brain, (Bellingham Distance Project)

Does Talking To Yourself Make You A Genius?

Odds are you’ve been told to avoid people that talk to themselves. They are considered crazy. Well, a study published in 2012 hypothesizes that in fact those that talk to themselves might actually be in good company alongside Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

Presented by psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupyan, the study claims that talking to yourself holds many benefits including improving brain efficiency, helping to organize your thoughts, and helping to achieve your goals.

The Supermarket Experiment

One experiment had 2 groups of people remembering the name of a generic grocery item. The first group was asked to find the item in a store without speaking while the second group was asked to find the item while repeating its name aloud.

The study found that test subjects were quicker at locating the grocery item when they spoke to themselves while searching as apposed to keeping their dialogue internal. Researchers posit that saying things out loud sparks memory.

Interestingly enough, Swigley and Lupyan also found that if the participants don’t actually know what an object looks like then repeating its name out loud can actually hamper, and in some cases slow, the participants ability to find the objects.

Clarity Of Mind

Another theory states that when faced with difficult decisions, having the ability to weigh your options out loud can help solidify your ideas and outcomes.

According to psychologist Linda Sapadin, talking out loud to yourself helps you validate important and difficult decisions. ”It helps you clarify your thoughts, tend to what’s important and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating.“

Having clarity of mind is an important thing when setting goals and trying to find the best possible route to achieve those goals. As Sapadin puts it, “Saying [your goals] out loud focuses your attention, reinforces the message, controls your runaway emotions and screens out distractions.”

There’s a lot to go over in the study, but it’s definitely an interesting read. Let us know your thoughts: comment below, share on Facebook, and find us on Twitter using the hashtag #DMTalk.

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