Tarantula Grounds Passenger Jet in Baltimore

A tarantula escaped its container Wednesday, grounding Delta flight 1525 from Baltimore to Atlanta. (Archive)

A tarantula escaped its container Wednesday evening, grounding Delta flight 1525. (Archive)

Tarantula Grounds Passenger Jet Near Baltimore


Reports of a tarantula which escaped its cage in a passenger jet, have grounded a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta Wednesday afternoon.

Delta flight 1525 was scheduled to depart from Baltimore-Washington International at 7:00 PM local time (-5 GMT) and arrive in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International around 9:00 PM.

According to reports, when baggage handlers discovered the arachnid loose in the cargo hold, threat of additional loose tarantulas ultimately halted departure.

“They were able to capture it, and they contacted the handler,” according to Delta spokesman Brian Kruse.

“The captain told the waiting passengers the eight-legged reason for the delay, and passengers were let off the plane and put on another flight, which departed about three hours later.”

No other tarantulas were discovered, though officials took no chances with the potential threat of other spiders.

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  1. Jessica Bell Jessica Bell says:

    Oh my, a threat of an arachnid armada haults a flight ?

  2. franly says:

    I heard there are more than one spider on that plane.

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