‘Tayport Monster’: ‘Nessie’ Spotted 150 Miles Away?

A beast in the River Tay by Tayport, Scotland?

A beast in the River Tay by Tayport, Scotland? (Cascade News)

(Tayport, Scotland)

‘Tayport Monster’: ‘Nessie’ Spotted 150 Miles Away?

Looks like ‘Nessie’ might have went on vacation for the summer.

Scottish resident Mervyn Rolfe captured a mysterious photo of what appears to a be creature residing in Scotland’s River Tay on Saturday. Mr. Rolfe, a retired Provost and Lord Lieutenant for the City of Dundee spotted the creature as he said it swam with dolphins.

Tayport Monster Spotted on Video

In 2010, video of the Tayport Monster went viral as Scotland vacationers first brought international attention to the legend of the Tayport Monster.

At first, footage would suggest that the image is no more than a ‘bumpy log’ resting in the water. Then, something happens: the log begins to move. By the end of the video, witnesses are baffled as to what this animal could be.

Youtube uploader Colin Bell comments, “I have seen the Tayport Monster a few times and waited patiently for days to capture this very rare (or even unfilmed) footage of the monster. On asking locals of Tayport they seemed to be unaware that there is a monster in their river although rumours lead me to believe otherwise. I am glad that I believed the rumours and was rewarded with a rare sighting on THE TAYPORT MONSTER!!!!”


Scotland’s Waters

It’s important to note that Loch Ness is a freshwater ‘loch’ or a ‘lake’ (though it is part of the Caledonian Canal system) while Tayport is a saltwater waterway at the mouth of the River Tay leading into the North Sea on the opposite side of Scotland’s East coast. If Nessie really did make the trek, she would have had to travel through a series of canals and around the North of Scotland. Also, the mix of saltwater and freshwater monster sightings, if true and the same, would indicate an interesting phenomena common among eels and other wildlife. Anadromous and Catadromous aquaria are known to either travel from salt water to fresh water or vice-versa for purposes of spawning.

Is ‘Nessie’ breeding or are we too enchanted by Scottish folklore to spot a hoax? Let’s not forget that numerous photos of the alleged Loch Ness Monster have panned out to be hoaxes. Could the ‘Tayport Monster’ really be something like an eel?

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