The Cuban Underwater City, a Remnant of Atlantis?

Has Atlantis been discovered in the Bermuda triangle? Scientists working off the coast of Cuba have verified via sonar from an underwater robot that there are ancient ruins at the bottom of the ocean about a mile in depth. Four large pyramids and other city like structures have been detected which may have a connection with the legend of Atlantis. Commonly known as the “Cuban Sub-sea Complex”, this discovery may lean support to the theory and speculations that Atlantis suffered from rising waters and eventually had its demise when the land sank into the Atlantic Ocean.

A couple working with the Cuban government first reported on the discovery in 2001 and has since returned to the site for further investigation. Some symbols found on the structures were also found elsewhere in Cuba. It was estimated that it would have taken around 50,000 years for the structures to have sunk to its current depth. Large stone blocks and formations are clearly visible from the data and a marine geologist stated that there are no known cultures at that time which had the architectural capability to create such complicated formations.

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