The Uncapped Pyramid

The library of congress holds many images of a missile site radar building in North Dakota in the shape of an uncapped pyramid. The safeguard program was created in the nineteen 60’s in order to shoot down Russian missiles and these images taken by a government employee shows the pyramid which was built in order to track the end of the world via radar.

The pyramid features what appears to be an “all seeing eye” on each of its sides and some have compared it to the Mayan ruins found at Chichen Itza. Both were monuments built for the purpose of navigational tracking and may have had a somewhat similar yet still chilling apocalyptic anticipating purpose.

Jeremy C

Jeremy C

Jeremy has specialized in the I.T. field since 2003 and has education in many disciplines including Data Recovery and Radio Frequency Electronics. He has been a researcher of various topics for more than 17 years. These subjects include Analytic Theology, Epistemology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Metaphysics, Natural History, Ufology, Near Death Experiences, and Philosophy of Religion. When not writing for Dark Matter News, he enjoys making electronic music, operating on Ham Radio, and repairing old tube type Shortwave Radios.

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4 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Google earth coordinates?

  2. Owen says:

    It would have been nice if this short article informed us where this pyramid is located…North Dakota is fairly large. Maybe even color pictures… Still a cool pic though.

  3. Jake says:

    Cavalier County

  4. DanZee says:

    There’s no scale to this picture. I would say the pyramid is actually just about 6′-8′ tall and is a doorway into a bunker.

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