Is Missing Time Really Time Travel


Imagine meeting your parents and you were not born yet. That just happened claims a man from Saskatchewan Canada. The 33 year old man from Yorkton Saskatchewan claims he was driving home from work one winter evening and lost three hours of time. For his privacy we will call him Fred. He says he drove home from work at 7:35 and walked in his house over three hours later. He claims the drive is normally a five minute drive. Fred claims at the time he had no recollection of how he lost those 3 hours. Only after a few days did it become clear what happened. He claims  that he was transported back in time to 1977 where he went to gas station and was greeted by a familiar smile. The gas attendant was friendly and had his girlfriend there as he was just to get off work. He acknowledged them and said hi and exchanged a smile. The gas jockey and the young girl then drove off in the gas attendant’s charger. Now this does not seem that strange but our Fred recognized them immediately as his parents before they were married.

When Fred then asked his father about working at the gas station his father said “I have not worked there since before you were born.” He then said “I remember it was painted white and was blue,and it was by the library” His father was puzzled and so are we. Did he time travel? Or what did happened that he has this vivid memory? We want to hear your thoughts.

Aaron Nagy


I have been in radio 13 years. I enjoy the radio industry and the paranormal.

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