UFO? Mysterious Triangular Lights Observed Over New Hampshire

A mysterious object is observed over a Best Buy in Concorde. (Youtube)

A mysterious object is observed over a Best Buy in Concord. (Youtube – “Michael Thomas”)

UFO? Mysterious Lights Observed over Best Buy in Concord, New Hampshire

(New Hampshire)

Youtube User “Michael Thomas” brings us a video containing what appears to be mysterious lights in a triangular formation in the parking lot of a Best Buy and a Target in Concord, New Hampshire.


Eyewitness Report

“This video was taken at 7:07pm, on September 25th, 2015,” reads the Youtube video’s description.

Here is a partial transcript of the discussion that took place in the video that evening:

“Okay I don’t get this. I’m going to move my camera…away from the lightpost—and yet, it’s still there!”

“What is that? Because there’s nothing shining on my lens now. The other one is gone. What the heck is that?”

“What is that? Yeah it’s moving, it’s above the clouds but you can’t see it unless people….Oh wow it’s changing shape!”

The multiple lights appear to rotate with the object maintaining a triangular formation.

“Whatever that is, is changing shape!”

Skeptics would be quick to point out the fact that numerous purported UFO sightings are attributable to mylar balloons, but according to Michael, this doesn’t look to be the case.

“It’s funny because it almost looks like balloons, but when I look away from my screen there’s nothing there.”

“People are gonna say those are just balloons, but I’m telling you, you can’t see it unless you look at it through the camera.”

More lighted objects come into view, as a woman’s voice claims that someone else’s sees them. Another person is heard discussing the find in the distance.

Michael returns.

“That’s not the lamp. There’s something going on in our atmosphere.”

“What is that? The naked eye can’t even see it.”

According to a news report, Thomas claims that he and his wife enjoy regularly taking photos of sunsets. Out of a great number of accumulated photos from these ventures, they’ve not witnessed anything quite like it.

What’s Happening Over New Hampshire?

Residents in the area are no strangers to unexplained aerial phenomena, with some reporting captures of similar triangular objects, and numerous incidents happening just days apart over last year. Numerous drawings, photographs and recorded eyewitness testimonies can be found on the Concord Patch website.

What do you think? Is Michael still somehow seeing the reflection of the lamp through his lens, or is something else going on in New Hampshire?

We want to hear your thoughts.

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