UFOs Sighted Approaching Airplanes

It seems like close encounters of the window seat kind are happening more frequently these days. Many videos have been released of three different UFO sightings near commercial aircraft occurring over the past few months. What’s causing this sudden attraction of UFOs to airplanes?

The latest sighting has received a ton of publicity. It occurred at JFK Airport in New York City while the plane was taking off. The video, taken by an anonymous “plane enthusiast, shows a Virgin Atlantic plane rising in the sky on July 7th and then being overtaken by a UFO seen flying above it. The cigar-shaped object is too close to be another commercial aircraft and no military jets were reported in the area.

The next two sightings took place in England. This one was recorded at night on June 12th over Lambourn, England, and shows an airplane passing by a UFO.

The other England sighting was made by a passenger inside a plane flying over Liverpool.

There’s been no definitive identifications of any of these UFOs seen accompanying or passing by airplanes. Commercial and military pilots admit that they see a lot of UFOs but sightings by passengers and ground witnesses are less frequent.
What do you think these objects are? Why are they hanging around airplanes? Could they be protecting them from the same fate as Malaysia Flight 370?


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